Challenge #1

Early identification of special needs among young children, arising from learning disabilities, speech or self-regulation impairments, sensory and attention deficit disorders, emotional and physical disabilities etc., is crucial to providing timely treatment and support so that children can grow and thrive. Today, paramedical professionals identify children with special needs through mother and care centers, day-care centers, pre-schools and kindergartens.

Socio-econimic status often impacts early childhood development. In higher socio-economic families, children with special needs are often identified by parents or people in their immediate environment.  In comparison, parents of children in low socio-economic families often fail to identify special needs of their children; even when children are identified by educators or other professionals as needed special support, parents do not have the availability or resources to help their children.

Today, there are no validated mechanisms for early identification of special needs among children, and certainly none that can be implemented remotely.


Children who drop behind will stay behind!


One dollar invested in quality early childhood programs yields a return of between $6 and $17.